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A mini sub that’s a complete system
At Atlantic Technology, we love solving problems. We want to help our customers achieve the best possible audio experience no matter the application.

Today’s flat screen TV’s look great and they keep getting thinner every year, but at a cost—tinny, bass-less audio. An upgrade is surely in order. However, you’re not looking to add a receiver, plus you’d like to use your original remote. We have a solution.

Pair up our new PBM2 Powered Bass Module with your choice of stereo speakers and you’re off and running. No fancy setup, no receiver required. Just an immersive, realistic stereo sound and deep powerful bass.

The secret is the powerful built-in 3-Channel amplifier. In addition to powering the sub, the PBM2’s on-board amplifier also supplies 40W/channel to a stereo pair of speakers. This allows the pairing of a wide choice of stereo speakers including our LCR2 and LCR3 speakers.

Small yet mighty, the PBM2 features a 6×9” driver (equivalent in radiating area as an 8” sub) in a ported enclosure which allows it to reach an impressive 35Hz. It will give impact and depth to movies, video games, as well as your favorite shows.

Plus the PBM2 has more tricks up it’s sleeve. Priority Auto-Sensing (PAS), optional Bluetooth and the ability to use the TV remote!

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Feature List

  • Tiny footprint for versatile placement
  • Use original TV or Cable/Sat remote for volume
  • Priority Auto-Sensing automatically switches between TV and secondary inputs
  • Optional BTR Bluetooth® receiver
  • Built in 40W/ch amp for powering external stereo speakers
  • Powerful 6×9” CCP subwoofer
  • Handles two separate inputs

Using an existing TV Remote

One of the most powerful features of a system built around a PBM2 is its lack of reliance on a receiver. This not only allows the elimination of a large and expensive piece of equipment, but also the need to use the receiver’s remote to control system volume and mute. The PBM2 relies on a largely unknown and unused feature of many TV’s: switchable line level outputs. Access the TV’s settings menu, set the analog line level outputs to “variable” instead of “fixed”. Then plug the analog output of your TV into the “TV (Priority) Input” on the PBM2. Now your TV volume is relayed to the PBM2 system, using your TV/Cable/Sat remote for control.*

Priority Auto-Sensing™

Priority Auto-Sensing allows you to play an alternate audio source through the PBM2 system. This is ideal for using a secondary analog music source, such as the headphone output of a tablet/mobile device or the optional BTR Bluetooth receiver. The TV Priority Input (A) has, as it’s name implies, first priority when the PBM2 is playing audio. While your TV is on and outputting audio, it will always be selected by the PBM2. Want to switch to the secondary input? Turn off the TV and the PBM2 will automatically switch to input B. When you turn the TV back on, the PBM2 will switch to the priority input even is there is a signal on input B.

Model PBM2
Bass Driver 6 x 9” Composite Polypropylene/Paper Woofer
Subwoofer Output Power RMS @ 4Ω: 130W, 350W Max
Distortion (amplifier)
Bass Frequency Response 35Hz – 200kHz (± 3dB)
HF Control +/-5dB
Inputs (2) 3.5mm stereo phono jacks
Outputs Speaker level tension connectors
+5V USB Output for optional BTR Bluetooth Wireless Receiver
Speaker Level Output RMS @ 4Ω: 40 Watts x 2 Channels
Dimensions (DxWxH) 15˝ x 7.75˝ x 9˝ w/feet (381mm x 196.9mm x 228.6mm)
Weight 13 lbs (5.9kg)

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