Immerse yourself in a riveting soundbar experience. Our soundbars radiate exceptional sound quality, replicating the intensity of a full-scale audio system in a compact, sophisticated form. Be it passive or wireless soundbars, our offerings cater to diverse needs and enrich your home's aesthetic.


The FS5 represents the pinnacle of our soundbar offerings. Designed as a passive front channel soundbar, it delivers a high-definition sound experience that feels truly immersive. This top-of-the-line model ensures a rich and vibrant audio experience.


Sleek and slim, the FS3 is a passive front channel soundbar that offers premium sound quality without taking up too much space. It is perfectly crafted to fit into any room seamlessly and provide an impressive audio experience.


The GC3 is a wireless soundbar that redefines convenience without compromising on sound quality. Delivering stellar audio performance, it seamlessly merges with your existing setup, elevating your listening experience.


Our FS7.1 is a classic, all-in-one passive soundbar that delivers surround sound in the most straightforward setup. This legacy model embodies 7.1-channel audio that brings your movies and music to life.


The PB235, a legacy all-in-one wireless TV soundbar, offers a unique blend of simplicity and audio superiority. With built-in H-PAS technology, it transforms your TV viewing experience with high-quality sound.


The 3.1HSB is a legacy TV sound base, delivering clear and vibrant sound in a space-saving design. Providing powerful audio performance, it makes a perfect match for your home entertainment system.