4400 System

Compact Form, Immersive Performance

The 4400 Home Theater System masterfully marries compactness and performance. Comprising of the 4400LR, 4400C, 1400SR, 224SB, and the Dolby Atmos-enabled 44-DA, this system delivers an enveloping sound experience without occupying a substantial amount of your space.


The 4400LR speakers provide incredible clarity and depth of sound, bringing out every detail in your favorite movies and music.


Expertly handling dialogues and sound effects, the 4400C ensures you miss none of the action in your favorite movies.


Complementing the front speakers, the 1400SR enhances your viewing experiences with immersive surround sound.


The 224SB subwoofer delivers deep, precise bass, adding a thrilling dimension to your audio experiences.


The 44DA Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, designed to sit perfectly atop the 4400LR, adds an overhead dimension to your sound, immersing you into a world of three-dimensional audio.