Feel the Power of Every Beat

Our carefully engineered subwoofers deliver the depth, the detail and the power of the real-life audio experience. From the mighty dual 10/12 inch of the SBT500/1000 designed for intense home cinema experiences to the compact 6x9”
driver of the PBM2 perfect for enhancing music systems, explore our range to
find your perfect bass companion.


Armed with potent dual 10/12-inch woofers, the SBT500/1000 delivers unparalleled, room-shaking bass for a truly immersive audio experience.


Boasting a robust 12-inch woofer, the THX Select 642eSB masters the delicate balance of power and refinement, promising clean, deep bass for all your audio needs.


With a 12-inch woofer, the 444SB delivers a blend of punchy and tight bass, designed for accuracy and performance in a compact package.


Engineered with a 10-inch woofer for precise, powerful sound, the 224SB brings depth and detail to your home audio experience.


With its 8-inch front-firing woofer, the compact SB900 subwoofer offers an impressive bass response for a more immersive entertainment experience.


The S65/8, with its versatile 6.5/8 inch woofer, promises to deliver an impressive bass response, ideal for enhancing the richness and depth of your music and movies.


Equipped with an 8-inch down-firing woofer, the SB8 enhances your sound system with solid bass performance, perfect for adding depth to your audio.

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Housing a compact 6x9” driver, the PBM2 is a perfect addition to any music system, offering deep and rich bass without compromising on space.

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