Pro-Grade Wireless Speakers

Accurate Lifelike Sound

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Elegant Compact Bookshelf Speakers

Easily Connect with Legacy Audio Gear

  • Robust Signal Up to 150 Foot Range
  • Stream to 4 Pairs Without an App
  • Operate with Minimal Components

SKAA Pro Grade Wireless Technology

The Benefits of SKAA

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies developed for data and phone use then later adapted to entertainment audio use. But weaknesses remain with sound quality, interference, dropouts, signal range and latency which affect A/V lip-sync and gaming realism. Plus, network set-up and connection processes with routers, passwords and device pairing can make operating multiple home devices complex, slow and clumsy. The good news is that SKAA solves it all.

Stage-proven by Music Pros

SKAA is a close cousin of “PAW” or Pro Audio Wireless which is proven in demanding live concert performances by leading pro musicians world-wide. PAW reliably streams multiple instruments and singers in perfect audio sync with high-quality sound pro musicians and audiences demand.


Easy, Convenient, Flexible Connectivity

No network, Wi-Fi, passwords or pairing to connect SKAA devices is required; just a one button click quickly connects and switches devices. Bluetooth or multiple analog sound sources can be directly connected to the FS-252 which acts as a SKAA transmitter and receiver. A single SKAA transmitter can quickly connect up to four additional SKAA speakers simultaneously for single or multi-room use.


The FS-252 includes a 25 watt-per-channel class-D amp optimized to the speakers in elegant high-gloss piano black, resonance-free MDF cabinets with component audio feet. Each has two long-throw 3.5-inch composite polypropylene drivers in an M-T-M, D’Appolito array with a .75-inch silk dome tweeter offset for great stereo imaging. Bottom firing four-inch passive radiators extend bass to create a surprisingly big sound from the small package. Removable acoustically transparent cloth grilles give a finished look.


The speaker back includes analog stereo RCA inputs for connection to legacy audio sources such as the pre-out from a pre-amp or receiver. A second analog 3.5mm jack overrides the RCA input is alternatively available for quick temporary connection to portable devices. Stereo RCA pre-out jacks can connect to additional non-SKAA active speakers or subwoofers.

Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX is also available for highly-flexible use with mobile or other devices. The analog inputs or the Bluetooth signals can be relayed by the FS-252 via SKAA simultaneously to as many as four pairs of FS-252, other SKAA speakers or headphones. One button switching from the control panel or remote makes audio source or transmitter switching fast and simple.


Since Atlantic Technology started its journey back in 1989, we have become one of the most highly regarded manufacturers that specializes in designing complete high performance multi-channel speaker systems. By engineering innovative audio products at affordable prices, we have received numerous industry accolades and some spectacular reviews. Beyond performance, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that our speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home and deliver consistently great movie sound and music reproduction.

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