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Experience the pinnacle of sound performance with the 4400C Center Channel Speaker from Atlantic Technology. This speaker is a testament to our relentless pursuit of creating the world's finest moderately-priced home theater speaker system. Compact, elegant, yet extremely powerful, the 4400C is designed to perfectly integrate into any living room or den. Despite its surprisingly reasonable cost, it defies the price/performance relationship, delivering an uncompromised THX-certified performance that will captivate you.

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Unrivaled Audio Experience

Perfect Match for 4400 LR

Harmonious Sonic Signature

The 4400C Center Channel Speaker is engineered with the exact same driver complement as the matching 4400 LR speakers. This ensures a harmonious sonic signature across the front channels for a seamless and immersive audio experience.

Tailored Audio Performance

Acoustic Optimization Controls

The 4400C comes equipped with high-performance drivers and unique acoustic optimization controls. These features allow for perfect integration into a variety of acoustic settings, delivering sound that is tailored to your specific environment.

Precision in Every Word

Intelligible Voices and Dialogue

The 4400C comes with a unique tilting base, allowing the speaker to be aimed at the listener's ears. This design ensures precise intelligibility of voices, dialogue, and on-screen effects, making every word and sound effect crystal clear.

Elevated Sound Experience

Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Take your audio experience one step higher with the 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker Module. Designed to fit perfectly on top of the 4400C, it creates an integrated 'one-piece' look while enhancing the depth and dimension of your audio.

Uncompromised Audio Quality

THX-Certified Performance

The 4400C speaker system is THX-certified, ensuring cinema-grade audio performance. Experience the thrill of powerful, detailed sound that fills your room, bringing your movies and music to life.

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