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STA-200 SKAA Wireless Streaming Integrated Amp

Whether you’re creating an all-new wireless streaming audio system or looking to reap the benefits of adding a wireless streaming amplifier to your existing audio components, the STA-200 2-channel stereo amplifier is part of an exciting new range of high-performance wireless products from Atlantic Technology that feature SKAA wireless technology.  This elegant, compact integrated amp outputs 200-watts of Class D amplification to drive traditional passive speakers, and can also be used with active (self-amplified) speakers. It easily connects to an array of analog or digital audio sources such as legacy audio gear (CD players, TVs, etc.), smart phones, tablets, computers and more.  And with the addition of small, low-cost SKAA digital transmitters, any analog or digital audio device can affordably, quickly and easily add SKAA capability.

The STA-200 can also create a modern wireless multi-room home where music can be relayed interference-free over long distances to additional STA-200s or our new FS-252 SKAA wireless active speakers.  It can also be used in a home theater system to power rear channels in a surround sound system when used with Atlantic’s up-coming Gatecrasher 3 SKAA wireless sound bar which will be available later this year.


SKAA = High-Fidelity + Reliable Performance

To eliminate the shortcomings of other wireless technologies, SKAA has been created from the ground up for home Hi-Fi, multi-channel and multi-room use.  Sound quality is clear, full-frequency and with high dynamic range comparable to wired systems. 

Perfect for movie and game use it plays audio with an un-detectable 36 milliseconds fixed low-latency signal that’s three to five times better than other wireless technologies.   This eliminates lip-sync problems watching TV or movies and ensures maximum game performance without audio lag.

Like its pro counterpart, it delivers a robust signal with up to a 150 foot range and does this in the globally cleared 2.4 GHz band. SKAA reliably does this because of its patented Walking Frequency Diversity™ (or WFD) channel-hopping technology with error correction that eliminates interference such as clicks, pops or dropouts even in the noisiest RF environments common in tech-laden homes, apartments, businesses or even busy trade shows.



Wireless without Compromise

SKAA is a wireless standard that ensures 100% compatibility across a growing number of different products and brands.  A diverse eco-system is quickly emerging from Atlantic Technology and other companies so consumers can easily create a variety of compatible home and portable wireless entertainment systems for inside and outside the home that are interference and hassle-free, but without sonic compromise.


The integrated amp’s back includes analog stereo RCA inputs for legacy audio sources such as the pre-out from a pre-amp or receiver, a CD player or TV.  Stereo RCA pre-out jacks can connect the amp to active speakers, subwoofers or analog audio systems.

The back also has two pairs of banana style speaker terminals to connect a pair of passive speakers.   A short, rear-mounted adjustable antenna assures excellent wireless connectivity.

For universal compatibility, Bluetooth®4.0 with aptX™is also available for highly-flexible use with mobile or other source devices.  The analog inputs or the Bluetooth signals can be relayed by the STA-200 via SKAA simultaneously to as many as four, STA-200’s, FS-252 systems and other SKAA speakers or headphones.  One button switching from the control panel or remote makes audio source or transmitter switching fast and simple.   

Anything can add SKAA capability

It’s easy to add optional plug-and-play SKAA transmitters to home and mobile devices turning any analog or digital audio device into a SKAA transmitter, able to simultaneously stream audio to other home SKAA speakers, headphones or receivers.  For a complete transmitter list see…

For SKAA transmitters used with the STA-200, a free optional App called “SKAA cmd” is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Find it at in the iOS App Store and Google Play. This gives a transmitter customizable multi-room operation such as setting up group control or selective muting of speakers around the home.

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