More than Three Decades of Innovation and Excellence

Welcome to Atlantic Technology, where we harmonize innovation, technology, and design to create extraordinary audio experiences. Our journey in the audio industry began in 1989, and since then, we've set the bar higher and higher , crafting products that resonate with our customers' lifestyle and preferences.

1989 Genesis: The CTS1 (Compact Theater System One)


Atlantic Technology CTS1

Our first product, the CTS1, marked the beginning of our commitment to delivering high-end audio solutions. More than just a speaker, the CTS1 was a statement of our dedication to quality and innovation. It set the course for our future endeavors, and established us as a brand that values high qualities of sound and visual design.

The 1990s: System 170, 250, and 350

Atlantic Technology System 350

As we moved into the late 1990s and early 2000s, we continued to innovate and push boundaries. Our System 170, 250, and 350 became the epitome of home theater systems, offering unparalleled sound quality that enhanced home décor and provided a luxurious audio experience.

2010s: The Evolution

Atlantic Technology 8200

In this decade, we revisited our iconic 8200 and IWTS30LCR, to enhance them with better internal components. The results were the 8200e series and the IW30, which further solidified our position in the market. These products were not only about sound—they were about creating immersive, high-end audio experiences with components that seamlessly integrate into your home decor. The floorstanding 8200e models and the architectural in-wall IW30 speakers, embody our commitment to delivering superior sound quality in every setting.

2016: The IC-6OBA

Atlantic Technology IC-6OBA

In 2016 we introduced the IC-6OBA, the first architectural in-ceiling speaker for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, or DTS:X object-based audio systems. This innovative product brought the full cinematic experience into the homes environment, transforming the way people experience sound.

2019: Entering the Wireless Home Audio Market

Atlantic Technology FS252

In 2019, we expanded our home audio horizon by introducing the FS252, a standout in wireless bookshelf speakers. Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, the FS252 brought the convenience of wireless streaming to Atlantic Technology’s high-quality of sound. This tabletop marvel won the CE Pro Best Product of the Year, a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation of home audio.

2023: The TWS1

Atlantic Technology TWS1

In 2023 we entered the wireless earbuds market with the introduction of the TWS1. These earbuds offer a seamless blend of style, performance, and convenience, providing exceptional on-the-go audio experiences for modern lifestyles.

The Future

As we look ahead  , we’re excited about the game-changing projects we are working on as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in audio. We can't wait to share our next innovations with you.